3 Reasons Why You May Not Be Reaching Your Fitness Goals

Happy October! Whether you have been working in a fitness program all year or you are starting one now, there are so many reasons why you might find yourself hitting a plateau. Here are three of most common reasons that I see and reasons to make each of them less of a factor.

  1. You don't get enough sleep

There may not be enough words to tell you how important sleep is to your success in fitness. Try and remove the barriers that keep you from getting a great nights sleep. We all live busy lives, but set a goal time each night that you need to be in bed.  You can’t expect to have the energy to do the things you need to do to reach your goals if you don’t prioritize sleep. Set a goal to at least get 7-9 hours each night.

2. You don't recover

This is one that I can tell you I struggle with the most. No days off sounds hardcore but mostly it sets your body up for a disaster. When you do a strenuous workout it is stressful for the body. With all the other stress that you have in your daily life your nervous system is on stress overload. Even though exercise is a “good’ stress on the body, your muscles can’t repair themselves/ weight loss/ mental status are all negatively effected if you do not recover. Bad recovery can also lead to injury or burning yourself out, which in turn one will never reach their goals being either one of those.

3. You don't fuel correctly

  1. Without feeding your body with the nutrients that it needs, you will be too tired and not a lot of focus to workout. Whether you are trying to lose weight or get stronger, make it a habit to not starve yourself or eat everything in site. Find a balance in your diet. Proper fueling is not just about quality but also about quantity. Be aware and smart about what you choose to eat so it helps you in your every day!

Now, it is your turn to recognize any signs of these mentioned above! Get the most out of your workout and let your body love every minute of it!