5 Common Mistakes People Make When Setting Fitness Goals

  1. You only look at the big picture 

The big picture is great, and it’s important to have an overall idea of where you want to go — but you can’t go from A to Z without a few steps in between, and in order to make sure you’re on track to reach your overarching goal, you’ve gotta have a plan in place. Think about smaller goals that can lead you to that big picture goal! 

2. You go in with an all or nothing mentality 

When your goal is perfection rather than progress, there’s only one way to succeed — and dozens of ways to fail. Set yourself up for success by allowing for a bit of flexibility as the healthy changes you make become new habits. Remember… failing at something is a lesson, not a reason to quit

3. You şet unrealistic goals 

Lots of people set goals that are more about friends or people they admire than they are about themselves, and you wanna guess how often they reach them? Don’t wish to be someone else, you are you! Make the best version of you possible! Want the best looking legs? Arms? Core? Don’t compare to others!

4. You assume that only big changes lead to the results you want

Don’t discount the impact that small changes can have on your health. All the little goals you 

achieve will help make the next step easier!

5. You decide to go at it alone

When it comes to making changes — and sticking to those changes — support and accountability are enormously important. Workout with a group (Temple Challenge :) ) or surround your self with people that will make your journey successful!