Think about this scenario: Imagine you were told you had to run a mile and do 100 burpees in a three minute timespan. What would happen? You’d fail, obviously.

The same thing happens with diet and exercise. Sometimes you feel like you walk into a trap One that is designed for most people to start and stop with limited success, regardless of the plan. Make sure you set realistic goals and define your WHY before you start. A “WHY” would be something that is greater than just YOU. Why do you wakeup each day? Why do you go to work every day? Have a reason for all things, and keep that in the front of your mind at all times. 

Example 1 : You start a plan, feel excited, and dive in with high expectations/ big time goals.

  • Take two deep breaths - this is going to be a lifelong journey, but you will fall in love ( if you let yourself) 

  • Don’t do all the hard exercises and sprints, RELAX. You can modify exercises and still see progress or start two or three days a week instead of five or six. Create a sold foundation, not an injured one. 

Step 2: Eventually (usually around the 4-week mark), you’ve suddenly lost motivation, almost as if it was sucked from your body. Going to the gym is harder. Eating healthy is stressful. And eventually, you quit. Or you don’t exercise as hard. You make more exceptions in your diet.

  • This happens in abundance. PLEASE don’t make this just a temporary change, make it a lifestyle.

  • Baby Steps! Drink soda every day? Start with just cutting back to every other day instead of cutting it out completely. Then, after a few weeks keep eliminate it.

  • Surround yourself with a group of people that want the best for you and your health! One of the best parts of the TC community is the support system and camaraderie.  

  • Track your progress with pictures and journal entries 

  • Believe in the program and a greater you! Be proud that you have made time for your health! 

 A key to remember: Training your brain for success will build a mindset that will guide you to the body you want!