Nine ways to move past the soreness and get back to your workouts

Whether you started exercising for the first time this past week or you just started back after a break, you're probably "feeling the love" from your workouts. Soreness is to be expected but doesn't have to hold you back! Here are nine tips on stretching and how to move past the soreness so you can get back to your next workout! 

1. Drink plenty of water. 

How much? Take your body weight and divide it by two. That's the number of ounces of water you need each day. 

2. Active Recovery.

Don't just sit around and expect soreness to go away. You need to stay active but reduce the intensity of your workouts.  Get your body temperature raised by walking or doing some low-impact exercises. 

3. Use heat.

Heat increases circulation, especially focused heat like that of a jacuzzi or hot bath, making it a powerful recovery tool between workouts! 

4. Massage it out.

Massage sore areas with a tennis or golf ball. 

5. Take an Epsom Salt Bath.

Epsom salts reduce inflammation, ease stress, and flush toxins from the body.

6. Stretch or roll it out. Here are some great examples:


7. Come use new recovery machine at the Elite Sports Center! 

Air Relax.jpg

8. Ice affected areas. 

Immediately after a tough workout, icing your muscles can starve off inflammation. Be sure not to exceed 20 minutes per session.

9. Get enough protein.

Getting enough of the right kind of protein is crucial when it comes to easing muscle soreness. Not sure which protein is right for you? When you sign-up for a TC package, you'll receive a customized food plan to help you stay on track! 

These are just a few tips to help! We hope to see you back at TC this week for week 2 of TC9!

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