Temple Challenge aims to get MOV residents into shape

Temple Challenge 9 will kick off Tuesday with a slate of new classes and a proclamation from Parkersburg Mayor Tom Joyce. The kickoff event will be held at 5 p.m. Tuesday at the Elite Sports Center, 2000 First Ave. in Parkersburg.

Temple Challenge is described as a unique fitness program which doesn’t require any upfront equipment costs and which features a workout that can accommodate those just starting out as well as those looking for advanced strength training.

Ten ways to create a massive WOW in 2018

Ten ways to create a massive WOW in 2018

Every article. Nearly every post on social media. Everywhere you look, people are doing it. New Year's Resolutions. I should eat better this year. I want to start working out. I need to get healthy. I have to give up sweets. The week between Christmas and New Year's is notorious for giving people just enough space to figure out what it is they want to change in the next year. 

And while we absolutely think fitness should be on your list for 2018 goals, we also hope you'll realize that fitness isn't a stand-alone goal. Our health (and the degree to which we are healthy), depends on so much more than calories in and out.