The difference between Temple Challenge and CrossFit

By Stacy Houser

I get asked this question a lot. What is the difference between Temple Challenge and CrossFit? So, here you go! This is my take on the question and in no way a criticism of CrossFit. It is simply a comparison. 

What do both programs have in common? 

* Both make you feel apart of a fitness community  

* Both types of exercise are best done under the instruction and supervision of a trained coach 

* Both can build lean muscle, burn fat, and have overall health benefits


Breaking it down


Temple Challenge

Where it began:
Created by fitness instructor Stacy Houser. The first Temple Challenge started in West Virginia in 2014.

What it involves:

1. Every workout is always different. Every workout focuses on strength training, cardiovascular, balance, core strengthening, flexibility, speed, and coordination.

2. Use weights, medballs, kettlebells, heavy ropes, boxing equipment, resistance bands, gliders, jump ropes, boxes, and sleds.

3. It's affordable. Average drop-in price is just $5.  Six-month package price averages at $225.

4. NEVER the same workout. Offers cycles of exercises and doesn't let anyone get bored in a class, which keeps it fresh and exciting.

5. Adds a mixture of weight training, cardiovascular exercises, boxing, and yoga. 

6. A lot of emphasis is given from TC trainers about correct form. Exercises with our without weights, if not done incorrectly or without a focus on form, can result in injury. 

7. Temple Challenge is for anyone and everyone - all ages/shapes/physical abilities can do the workout with as much modification as needed.

8. Major calorie burn and muscle development in the shortest amount of time as possible.

9. Temple Challenge participants range in age from 12 to 78.

10. Temple Challenge is currently offered in ten locations and growing!

Let's talk results: 
Many TCers notice muscle definition and weight loss within weeks.
The BIGGER picture: participants experience emotional and spiritual growth, as well as a huge surge in confidence! 



Where it began:
Created by former gymnast Greg Glassman. The first CrossFit gym opened in California in 1995.

What it involves: 

1. It aims to improve endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, and balance through a variety of conditioning and strength exercises ( ex: kettlebells, medballs, heavy ropes, plyometrics). 

2. It uses things like gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting.

3. It can be expensive. The average drop in class is $20. The average monthly cost is $125.

4. Like Temple Challenge, CrossFit offers cycles of exercise.

5. CrossFitter's are encouraged to complete a set of exercises in as little time as possible (with or without heavier weights). Because of this, less attention is paid to actual body form or positioning, leading to a greater potential for injury.  A trainer does their best to help prevent this. 

7. CrossFit contains an element of competition that's not necessary for Temple Challenge. 

8. CrossFit gyms are worldwide.

9. CrossFit workouts change daily. 

10. The median age of a CrossFitter is 26 (Resource: Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research). 

Let's talk results: 
Like Temple Challenge, many CrossFitters begin seeing muscle definition and weight loss within weeks. 


To find a Temple Challenge class and start transforming your life, see the full schedule here.

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