What doctors have to say about Temple Challenge

Temple Challenge has improved my total body fitness. By mixing cardio and strength training, it helps with weight control, as well as improving endurance and stamina.

Temple Challenge is different than any other fitness program. The workouts constantly change working every muscle group. It’s a success because it challenges you to do better and to try exercises you otherwise would never try.
— Dr. Shari Vance
Temple Challenge has given me the opportunity to train in a supportive, fun environment. The cardio and strength benefits are tremendous. I believe participating regularly in Temple can improve a person’s health and help them prevent or better control illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease.

No other fitness program offers the variety of activities and exercises like Temple Challenge. And, the atmosphere is very supportive and keeps you wanting to come back week after week.
— Dr. Kim Stooke, MD
Stacy is helping people become goal oriented, achieving not only fitness goals but personal and life goals! And, it’s bringing families together and creating healthier relationships!

My vision for Stacy is to be WV’s fitness guru and take Temple Challenge nationally.
— Dr. Anna Hughes, D.C.