Frequently Asked Questions


Can I try it out before I commit?

Absolutely. The first class is free! Just check out the class schedule and show up.


What if I have never exercised before?

Then Temple is perfect for you! Every exercise can be modified to meet you right where you are in your fitness journey. Temple classes are always a mix of beginners and those further along in their journey. 


Do I need any equipment?

No. Everything you need is provided. You may choose to bring your own weights or mat, if you prefer. Equipment availability varies depending on the class location.


How long is the class?

All classes are 60 minutes but you can take a break anytime you need. Every workout is a full-body workout though some days may focus differently than others. {See a sample workout}


Do I have to start at the beginning of the program?

No. Each Temple Challenge cycle is 24 weeks but you can start anytime. 


How can I track my progress?

During your first class, you will complete an information card with your beginning measurements. You'll have the chance to weigh-in and be measured every three weeks to see your progress. Weigh-ins are always optional.